Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new arrival

The best waterer ever
This Critter Canteen water bottle is just amazing!

Durable, easy to clean plastic water bottle with a spring-loaded ball tip. This is a nice improvement upon the standard ball-tip style gravity bottles. We've found these to be very durable and drip-free, almost as good as spigot style bottles.

These attractive blue bottles are adorable, with cute critter faces on them. A bottle hanger is included that should work in almost any type home you are using for your small pet.

My story :
Previously I was using Living World brand
Bila hang bottle dalam cage, air menitik
I thought it was okay
After few months, ada sekali ni i nak bagi makan SG, i tengok botol air dah kosong
I was shocked sebab I refill air minum memang penuh and impossible within a day dia habiskan
So actually the nozzle yang tak elok
The same thing happened again and again
That's actually memang bahaya
Kalau tak perasan, SG boleh dehydrated and die :(
So I switched all water bottles to this Critter Canteen which is totally awesome

1. The nozzle is different-
it has spring so bila SG minum air keluar, bila SG tak minum memang takde leaking
So cage floor pun tak basah, cage SG tak kan lembap and stay clean

Nozzle tu memang ketat and air minuman SG takkan tercemar, so SG akan sentiasa dapat water supply yang bersih :)

2. The cute design-
Which makes my cage lagi comel!

*Each bottle comes with wire holder

Monday, September 26, 2011

new arrival

Suggie House
Perfect toy for your little one
My gliders love this house, they will peek out the window to say hi
Well that's just lovely :)
So let's play peekaboo with your little one!

Pink House

Blue House

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sleeping Pouch has been restocked :)

Limited Edition Designer Bonding Pouch will be announced soon!
It's the best bonding pouch and remember, very rare, unique and limited
Stay tuned ;)