Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Limited Edition Cage Set

Limited Edition M size Cage Set in the house yayyy!
Festive season again and this time we manage to bring a LE design for your little one
This is sooooooo fun colour :)

Code : Renbo Tribal

Code : Bloo Tribal

New stock arrived
Those who joined our pre-order, we will post out your parcel tomorrow :)

We will try to reply all order via email, whatsapp and sms as soon as possible
Meanwhile, please excuse my 'little' ugly packing skill
Too many parcel to seal in a day and my fingers are getting numb -__-

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One of available design for new batch cage set
Thanks for all sg lover, we appreciate your support and we are more happy to share this great hobby with you. Based on demand, we restocked more cage set. We have 12 design available now!
Drop us an email or whatsapp us for more details and picture :)
Dont forget to introduce your name, sg name and age and the model of cage 
Was too busy packing order and replying all emails during last week holiday, I know I forgot to wish Happy Deepavali :( 


For cage set order, we use this special box to secure the interactive toy included in the set
We only use Poslaju to deliver the parcel to your doorstep :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Arrival

New stock arrived
We restocked a lot of products especially the most top in favorite list which is Cage Set!
For now, please do not order through whatsapp
Kindly email us so that its easier to check previous conversation for your order details
To beginners and newbie, welcome to this exciting hobby!

Snuggle Set


Luxury Pouch

Sleeping Pouch

Sunday, October 21, 2012


To a girl who ordered Black Poka M Size Cage Set, who confirmed will make payment on Wednesday night. We have posted the parcel to her address. Unfortunately we didnt receive her payment. We already call poslaju and ask to freeze the delivery.
We still didnt receive her payment till now, pls sms us so that poslaju can proceed to deliver the item :)

Here are the list of parcel we goin to post out tomoro :

Nur Marissa
Dr Syafiq
Ah Cheng
Olivia M
Mohd Imran

Friday, October 5, 2012


Hi everyone, promotion is back!
I guess you don't wanna miss the promotion this time
Drop us an email with email title : Promotion

As usual, our promotion is very limited
Thus, please send us an email/whatsapp and the product code
Email : mysugargliderstore@hotmail.com
Whatsapp : +60123084562
(so sorry for this moment, not able to receive SMS through this number. If you dont have whatsapp please email us instead, we will reply email as soon as possible)

Allow us to check whether its available or not and if its available, we will quote the price and you may proceed your order
Please please do not make any payment before our confirmation cus we receive many order at a time and to be fair to everyone, we do it first come first serve

Code : Promo Redcrazyflower HM Pouch

Code : Promo Redcrazyflower Cage Set

For cage set, I don't have an empty cage to display all the items included in the set
And I'm not able to snap all the items in one picture either (they are so big!haha)
I will list out all items included in the set
Please let me know your cage size, 1.5ft, 3ft, 4ft, 4.5ft, 5ft and so on

Friday, September 14, 2012

DingDong Ball
Interactive toys to create a happy mood and stimulate your sugar glider
DingDong Ball creates sound to attract your glider to play and become active

Happy Bucket
Give your lazy sugar glider an exercise they need
Hide some fruits, treats, and yogurt drops in these star shaped bucket and let them explore!

Luxury Pouch

square shaped luxury pouch in Lovely Pink

halfmoon shaped luxury pouch in Star Power

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi all,

Kindly give us sometime to reply all emails, sms, whatsapp
If you didnt receive any reply within 2 days, please alert me!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

To all our Muslim sg lover and supporter from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Dubai, Thailand, Australia..

Ikhlas dari,
mysugargliderstore, Malaysia

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opppsss I hope its not too late to wish all our muslim friends a very spiritual and blissful Ramadhan!
Roughly 10 days more for Hari Raya, I've been so busy to ensure your sugar gliders are well prepared for that special day. By receiving tons of order via email, I'm happy to know that you guys really treat your sugar glider as a family member. Busy preparing your own baju raya, yet you still concern about your little one!

Some of the favourite purchase during this festive season are cage set (of course!), lolipop edition bonding pouch, sg blankie, and whatnot

Last but not least, the famous luxury pouch!
Those who have bought luxury pouch, mostly they come again to change all their normal sleeping pouch
to this awesome luxury pouch
Good to keep your sg warm, less smelly, and of course good quality
Only the best for your precious glider :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

New arrival

New colours for sleeping pouch, colony sleeping pouch, findmehut and trampoline :)

code : pink bear

code : blue bear

code : pink butterfly

code : blue butterfly

Hi everyone!

First of all, apologize for being too busy till no updates on new stock here
Tons of emails to reply and sorry if you have to wait for a day or more :(
To those who want to place an order, briefly inform us your sg name, age, and cage size so that easier for us to assist you on the products.
Fyi, something is wrong with my phone but it doesnt mean that you cannot place order via sms. Yes you can, sometimes my phone auto switch off, but I always check your sms. I will send my phone for repair and next week everything should be back to normal :)
Here is the answer for frequently asked question by international customer, we accept payment via western union

Thanks for your support and remember to shower your sg with lots of love! :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cage Set

But limited stock, hurry grab one for your little baby

Pinkpoka Cage Set

Leopard Cage Set

Purplepoka Cage Set

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


3 months ago Kogi and Minny came for boarding
4.5ft bungalow filled with lotsa toys, they loved it :)

ahhhh..new place

look mummy, i found yelo star

i found another house. blue for Kogi, pink house for me

even the fat me can fit well in the wheel. i'm running, look!

 the star doesnt taste like hpw, no its not!

Kogi found his favorite toy

errr Minny wants more supplement haha

okay, you are going home. bye2 minny

Now they are here again
Since they love to play, we placed magnum wheel (rm300) instead of wodent wheel
Few minutes later Minny (she is super active girl) come out to play
Oh no! She has a bump! She has joey in pouch!
We have to remove the magnum wheel
Sorry Minny, maybe next time :(

 can i play the big wheel?please..

cute hungry look by Kogi, waiting for lunch

can i play outside? i behave, promise!!

No minny, look at your pouch
You're a mom now syg :)

* To all sg lover, please inform us earlier for boarding service because we have to prepare for their playhouse :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Arrival

First of all, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us
We received lots of emails every morning
We are much happy to serve you, and of course to share this great hobby
We bring safe and best quality of sugar glider product specially for you and we will try our best to get more stock so that everyone will get their sg needs and of course to make your babies happy!

Please email us to place your order, if you didn't receive any reply within 24 hours kindly resend your mail to mysugargliderstore@hotmail.com
We are very sorry that whatsapp cannot be used for this moment. Please order via email only.
We will try our best to reply as soon as possible. Please understand that stock is limited. First come first serve

Best price for first 10 sg lover :)

 Colourfulpoka Set

 Coolchecker Set

 Purplepoka Set

Zebra Set


To those who participate in previous survey on glider names, each of you will get free luxury pouch when you purchase sugar glider needs :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Glider's name : DonDon
Age : 2 months 15 days
Gender : Male
Where the name comes from : Long time before I bought my little DonDon.. I already prepared his name.. I call him DonDon because I'm mr.Don.. I want to make more chemistry and love each other.. He so cute and pamper.. He like to climb around my body and try to run away when I wanna catch him..
Proud owner : Fitri
Owner's Nickname : Don Juan


Glider's name : Oppa
Age : 3 months
Gender : Male
Where the name comes from : Because his mommy addict with Korean series..ahaks!
Proud owner : Eyja


Glider's name : Weepoo
Age : 5 months
Gender : Male
Where the name comes from : From a New Zealand rugby player Piri Weepu
Proud owner : Leen

Mickey Junior

Glider's name : Mickey Junior
Age : 3months
Gender : Male
Where the name comes from : The name came from my friend, his name is Mickey. He owns Junior but me and my boyfriens are taking care of it all the time cause Mickey is just too busy with studies and all hehe.
Proud owner : Mickey, Dee and Ghaz

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cage set

S size cage set
This cage set is suitable for cage smaller than 3ft size
Finally we have cage set for small cage :)

5 pcs Redberry Cage Set
Out Of Stock

4 pcs Starry Blue Cage Set