Thursday, December 12, 2013

Limited Edition Bonding Pouch

Code 40 : Limited Edition Princess Bonding Pouch

Code 40 : Limited Edition Princess Bonding Pouch

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We are sorry if we take quite a long time to reply all email and messages
Everyday we received tons messages and at the same time we have to manage our new stock :(

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thanks for your support
We will sure to bring more fun products for your sugar glider! :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Dear customer, sugar glider lover,

We are sorry to inform you that for the time being, we cannot receive order or inquiry via WhatsApp
We are having problem with our WhatsApp application. We will inform once we fix the problem.
So please send your order via email / sms

Email :
Contact Number :0123084562

regards :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Our last postage before Hari Raya brak is on 5th August 2013 (monday)
The most FAQ we received thru email, sms, and whatsapp
Limited Edition Bonding Pouch still available?
Answer : Yes, some design are still available. Please provide atleast 3 of your favorite code, we will check the availability of stock for you :)

Bye bye Hari Raya goodies
Please bring lotsa fun to cheer all sugar glider friend!

Limited Edition Bonding Pouch Guitar

Code 38 : Limited Edition Guitar

Raya Basic Needs

Alif's Travel Carrier and Limited Edition Bonding Pouch Code 38

Raya Basic Needs

Shika's raya preparation
Starry Blue Luxury Pouch and Travel Carrier

Jungle Trouble

Jungle Trouble in Army Green and Blue :)

Farhan's Raya gifts for his sg Ruqi
Grey skinyring and Limited Edition Bonding Pouch Guitar Code 38

Blue Butterfly Bonding Pouch

Code 2 : Blue Butterfly Bonding Pouch

Zafril's Raya gift for his sg
Assorted Playland Set and Limited Edition Bonding Pouch Guitar Code 38

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Limited Edition Bonding Pouch Design

Reminder : If any of you did not receive your order, please write us an email. If you place your order through whatsapp, please also include your name so that we can save your name and it will be easier for us to differentiate order :)

For Hari Raya, please do early preparation
We are sorry if some of your favorite bonding pouch design sold out fast :(

New design for Limited Edition Bonding Pouch

Code 42 : Brown Damask

Code 43 : Black Damask

Code 44 : White Damask

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Limited Edition Bonding Pouch

Code 40 : Limited Edition Princess


New stock arrived!
For those who already paid deposit for this item, please update us once you have paid for the balance :)

Hiding place
Sleeping place
4 openings
For your suggies to run in and out or play peek-a-boo

Limited Edition Bonding Pouch

Code 37 : Limited Edition Lovely Flower

Sunday, June 30, 2013

interactive toys

climbing sheep

climbing aero

spinning star

Promotion is going on, we are processing your order right now ;)
Thanks for your support
Happy Sunday to all of you and dont forget to clean your cage accessories, toys, wheel, sleeping and bonding pouch
Meanwhile, sorry in advance if you have to wait for our reply through whatsapp, email and sms
To pack each parcel securely is time-consuming, hope you understand the level of busy-ness here on beautiful Sunday sumore hehe

Lilac Purple and Creamy Yelo Skinyring

PinkPoka Luxury Pouch and Jungle Trouble

 Lilac Purple Skinyring and Chicky Luxury Pouch

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bonding Pouch stock update

Since last week, many sg lover asking about their favorite design of bonding pouch.
Unfortunately, many of them ran out of stock.
We don't want to disappoint you :(
Let me list out those design that already sold out here

The code that are not listed, most of them left 1 last piece for some design especially from Limited Edition category.
You can place your order by whatsapp, sms, or email.
Please do not make any payment before we confirm that the pouch is available for purchase (especially our regular customer).
Lastly, thanks a lot for all nice and good feedback we received from our lovely sg lover member.
It has been 5 years, and we will ensure that we do our best to share safe and quality sg product with everyone.
Thanks for your support, seriously we are more happy to share this hobby with all of you :)

Code 5 : Pink Bear SOLD OUT
Code 8 : Baby Bear SOLD OUT
Code 9 : Leopard SOLD OUT
Code 12 : Mint Green Poka SOLD OUT
Code 14 : Butterfly Garden SOLD OUT
Code 15 : Blue SMS SOLD OUT
Code 18 : Goodnight Bear SOLD OUT

Limited Edition
Code 21 : Beige Owl SOLD OUT
Code 24 : Fancy Owl SOLD OUT
Code 25 : Owl SOLD OUT
Code 28 : Ziggy SOLD OUT
Code 32 : Fancy Buuterfly SOLD OUT
Code 35 : Lovebirds SOLD OUT
Code 36 : Cats SOLD OUT
Code 39 : Paisley SOLD OUT
Code 41 : Damask SOLD OUT

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To our regular customer, please do not make any payment before placing your order
Place your order and wait for our reply to confirm on the available toys and cage set, after we send you the total amount only you can make payment :)

For new customer, and also new friends in this hobby, dont hesitate to ask for guidance.
We are here to assist you
Please dont forget to introduce lil bit of yourself and your sugar glider (name and age), also your cage size

Here are couple of pictures we manage to snap while packing tons parcel to be posted tomorow
The first thing comes to my mind each time I wrap the red yellow Jungle Trouble is Gong Xi Fa Cai!! hehe

Jungle Trouble and LE Bonding Pouch

Skinyring and Jungle Trouble

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Arrival Awesome Bonding Pouch!

Finally we managed to upload some of new arrival bonding pouch
Due to high demand and as requested by our lovely sg lover friends,
this time we ordered 41 design yeayyy!!
23 out of the 41 are Special Limited Edition which mean we have 3 pieces only for each design

The pouch has a window which is made from a good sturdy, not one but double net!
Good for those sg who nips a lot haha :)
Most important thing, safe sugar glider product

Grab yours and dont forget to send us name, contact no and address.
Code of your favourite pouch as well
email to :
whatsapp : 0123084562

For international customer, pls state your country in order for us to quote the price :)

Please click on picture for better view 

Bonding Pouch in Paisley

 Bonding Pouch in Chicky

Design available :

Code 1 : Paisley

Code 2 : Blue Butterfly

 Code 3 : Pink Butterfly

 Code 4 : Blue bear

Code 5 : Pink Bear

Code 6 : Blue Flower

Code 7 : Rugby

Code 8 : Baby Bear

Code 9 : Leopard

Code 10 : Blue Florale

Code 11 : Pink Poka

Code 12 : Mint Green Poka

Code 13 : Sunflower

Code 14 : Butterfly Garden

Code 15 : Blue SMS

Code 16 : Chicky

Code 17 : Hello Kitty

Code 18 : Goodnight Bear

Special Limited Edition Design
(only 3 pieces available for each design)

Code 19 : Limited Edition Pink Zoo

Code 20 : Limited Edition Blue Zoo

Code 21 : Limited Edition Beige Owl

Code 22 : Limited Edition Pink Owl

Code 23 : Limited Edition Blue Owl

Code 24 : Limited Edition Fancy Owl

Code 25 : Limited Edition Owl

Code 26 : Limited Edition Owl n Frens

Code 27 : Limited Edition Vehicles

Code 28 : Limited Edition Ziggy

Code 29 : Limited Edition Monkey

Code 30 : Limited Edition Korean

Code 31 : Limited Edition Lovely

Code 32 : Limited Edition Fancy Butterfly

Code 33 : Limited Edition Butterfly

Code 34 : Limited Edition Birdie

Code 35 : Limited Edition Lovebirds

Code 36 : Limited Edition Cats

Code 37 : Limited Edition Lovely Flower

Code 38 : Limited Edition Guitar

Code 39 : Limited Edition Paisley

Code 40 : Limited Edition Princess

Code 41 : Limited Edition Damask