Monday, July 25, 2011

Innocent pose first then only you can get reward!

Like this can?

Your shiny eyes,
your fluffy abs,
your hand showing that you just had french manicure yesterday

Okay naaahhh

Omnomnom.. I saw the new Chicky pouch, can I have it?

Ummhhh, it depends. Behave yourself, don't steal your brother's food,
i will consider your request :)

Assorted playland set

* Hot Selling Product
To be fair to all SG Lover, first come first serve and no reservation

New stock arrived!
Assorted Playland Set in Starry Blue
M Size
High Quality and very comfy material
Well made
No loose stitching or thread to avoid Sugar Glider injuries!
Very safe and secure

Comes with 10 clips
Keep your suggies warm
Hang it any way you like!
Change the position weekly to avoid boredom

Sample when you hang in 3 ft cage
Big and spacious!

Assorted playland set

* Hot Selling Product
To be fair to all SG Lover, first come first serve and no reservation

New stock arrived!
Assorted Playland Set in Lovely Pink
M Size
High Quality and very comfy material
Well made
No loose stitching or thread to avoid Sugar Glider injuries!
Very safe and secure

Comes with 10 clips
Keep your suggies warm
Hang it any way you like!
Change the position weekly to avoid boredom

Sample when you hang in 3 ft cage
Big and spacious!

Restocked : Sleeping pouch & Colony Sleeping pouch

Code : Chicky

Code : Pinkpoka

Code : Butterfly

Sleeping Pouch in Chicky

* All these adorable design available in Sleeping Pouch and Colony Sleeping Pouch!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1. What's the best way to bond with my new glider?
Earn its trust.  There is no black and white answer to the correct way to bond because each glider has a unique personality.  It is critical that you observe your glider and how it reacts to what you're doing.  If it runs away or appears upset, STOP.  Forcing yourself (or other gliders) onto the animal will only cause stress and teach it NOT to trust you.  You want to show your glider that your are safe.  Bonding takes time and not every glider bonds to the same extent as others.  Realizing that sugar gliders are unique individuals with likes and dislikes and respecting those preferences will lead to a much better relationship for you both.

2. Can my Sugar Glider play with my cat or dog?
Sugar gliders are prey animals and will be stressed by the presence of predators.  Your dog and cat, while considered domesticated, still retain the instinct to hunt.  Many gliders have been killed by "friendly" dogs and cats.

3. Can I keep my Sugar Gliders in the cage all the time?
Sugar gliders require out of cage playtime for both mental and physical well being.  An hour per day is recommended.  Out of cage time should be done in a glider-proofed room and under supervision.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Unsafe Foods for Sugar Glider

I've posted the list of fruits and vegies previously on this post 

This is a list of foods that you should NEVER feed to your sugar gliders.
  • Baby foods that contain onions or garlic
  • Canned food
  • Cheese
  • Chives
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Fried foods
  • Garlic
  • Insects that are not raised as small animal food
  • Leeks
  • Milk
  • Millet
  • Onions
  • Peanuts
  • Processed meat
  • Raw eggs
  • Raw meat
  • Rhubarb
  • Salt
  • Scallions
  • Soda
  • Sugar
  • Tea

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How To Make High Protein Wombaroo Diet (HPW)

Good day everyone,
As requested, I will use Bahasa Malaysia for this entry for better understanding :)

Bahan bahan yg diperlukan :
- High Protein Powder
- Bee Pollen
- Air suam (500ml)
- Telur (3 biji)
- Madu (375 ml)
- Bekas untuk menyimpan HPW
- Blender

High Protein Powder, Bee Pollen, air suam, telur dan madu

Empty container

High Protein Powder and Bee Pollen ada dalam starter pack HPW
Telur boleh la guna telur Gred A+, good quality as kita mesti la bagi yang terbaik untuk Suggie, tak sampai 50 sen pun sebiji kan.
Madu terbaik untuk Sugar Glider adalah madu brand Sweet Meadow
Madu ni memang import dari New Zealand. Ada banyak jenis macam White Clover, Manuka, Rewarewa
Boleh guna Manuka (Rm33)  atau Rewarewa (Rm18)
Kali ni saya guna Rewarewa sebab Manuka da out of stock kat pasaran :(
Air pulak, just panaskan sikit je bagi dia jadi suam sikit
Container beli la satu bekas special untuk Suggie, kat tutup tu tulis HPW ke, or tulis nama Suggie korang so that orang tau tu makanan Suggie sebab korang nak simpan dalam fridge nanti.

1. Masak scrambled egg. Jangan letak minyak. Panaskan kuali and masak je. Rupa dia macam ni la

2. Dalam bekas lain, campurkan madu dengan air suam. Air suam tadi senang la nak dissolve ngan madu. Kacau bagi sebati macam ni

3. Masukkan serbuk High Protein dalam bancuhan madu n air suam. Kacau hingga sebati

4. Campurkan scrambled egg, Bee Pollen dan sedikit campuran HPW (madu, air dan serbuk High Protein tadi). Blend sekejap sampai campuran sebati. After that tuang semua bancuhan HPW tadi and blend semua skali. Jangan blend lama2, tak sampai 5 minit pun da sebati bancuhan HPW tu.

5. Tuangkn bancuhan HPW dalam bekas. Kat surface ada bubbles sikit ye la baru leps blend kan.
Warna dia coklat macam teh susu hehe

Simpan HPW dalam fridge, nanti dia keras macam aiskrim. Hari2 just scoop 1 n half teaspoons untuk seekor SG letak dalam feeding bowl. Teaspoon ye bukan Tablespoon. Teaspoon kecil dari saiz Tablespoon yang kita guna nak makan tu. Cairkan HPW dalam feeding bowl sebelum bagi makan. Kalau korang ada lebih dari sekor SG, boleh la asingkan feeding bowl nak bagi semua dapat amount yang sama. Boleh dicampurkan dengan fruits and vegies tapi sape yang baru bela SG tu kadang2 complain SG korang makan buah je, dia tak makan pun HPW. So nak train SG korang makan HPW, boleh bagi makan HPW dulu. Nanti da malam sikit baru bagi makan buah and vegies. Tapi for my SG, pantang nampak HPW. Dari jauh lagi da joget2 nak HPW *phheeeww

Monday, July 11, 2011

Restocked : Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch

New stock arrived.
Take note that this is one of selling fast product
No reservation as its unfair to other Suggie Lover

Colour avail : Candy Purple, Red Melon, Army Green

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Army Green

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Candy Purple

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Red Melon

Why this is one of fast selling product?
Why this one always ran out of stock?
What so special about this product?

Imported bonding pouch
Quality material compared to normal pouch
Not use the common sleeping pouch and bonding pouch fabric because it is hard to wash that fabric properly. The texture of fabric, being napped or weaved, often gets a worn look after numerous washings no matter how much care is taken in the laundering process.

Measurement : approximately 10 inch width x 9.5 inch height 
(bigger than standard size, standard size = 6 inch) 

This material is the best pouch for your sugar glider because :
1. last longer
2. thicker quality material
3. reduce bad smell when sugar glider pee pee in it
4. larger than standard size
5. adjustable strap
6. special net which strong enough (some glider likes to bite) and with bigger hole so that you can clearly see what your suggies doin inside
7. extremely cheaper and worth your money for a good quality bonding pouch
8. very comfortable for ur little suggie to snuggle (especially when u bring them along for a vacation, going back hometown, any event etc)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sleeping pouch

Stock arrived!
Sleeping pouch and Colony sleeping pouch

Take note that our sleeping pouch size is bigger than standard pouch
Same goes to Colony sleeping pouch
I got emails and sms from Suggie Lover saying that they love our big pouch
Worth your money :)
Promotion Rm15 only

jumbo luxury pouch

Stock arrived!
Reversible, two different design for inner and outer layer
You can just rotate it to match with other toys in cage

Jumbo luxury pouch in Pink Florale

The other side of the pouch
2 in 1

*also available in Orange dots

Friday, July 8, 2011

New stock arrived
But half of it been reserved and sold
Don't worry, still left few pcs in stock C:

code : greenpoka

code : pinkpoka

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been busy with new stocks which will be upload soon. Wheewww
I'm quite busy nowadays and realized that my Suggies need more sleeping pouch so that I can rotate frequently without having to do laundry :B
We got different design for each batch and luckily I reserved few piece of pouches for my Suggies

Sleeping pouch is one of basic needs that you should have. You should have atleast 2 pieces so that you can rotate them. Usually Suggie Lover will have mooorree than that! I have more than 10 pieces. Take note that you should change sleeping pouch frequently to avoid infection.

Who is the most happy?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to trim sugar glider nails

Hello Suggie Lovers!
Have you ever tried cutting your suggie nails?

You need : Towel, Nail clipper and of course Sugar Glider

Model : Lola

Supposed to cover her face to reduce stress but she loves camera :S

Right leg

Okay you have to know that we cannot simply cut their nails
Take note that theres blood vein on it
We just have to cut off the very end of each nails
Don't cut too much, as it will bleed
Below are the clearer image of suggie nails
Take a look at the blood vein (the pink vein on the nails)

* Please click for clearer view

Lola saying Thank You to her nail clipper

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lola just woke up, on our way to buy some fruits and vegies for dinner!

This morning I got 4 messages from Suggie Lover :

"Hello, I received my parcel. Thanks a lot! My Gimo and Gaby really happy with their bonding pouch. This imported pouch is much more special than my old pouch, two thumbs up for Mysugargliderstore :) "- Darwin

"Yes, I want another 2 pcs of Bonding Pouch please. Reserve me Army Green and Candy Purple. Add Jungle Playland Set L size" - Felix

"Hey this is me your regular customer hehe, I'd like to buy 1 more bonding pouch. I need to have more than 1 for this coming Hari Raya. My baby now addicted to your good product " -Iwan

"Hello bonding pouch got stock? Saw my cousin wearing your bonding pouch, my sg jealous cus the bonding pouch is damn nice! Manda here from Klang" -Amanda

Here another message :

I've received the bonding pouch last tuesday...I'm satisfied with the pouch as well as the free gift...Love the blankie...And I'd say that my two darlings also have the same feeling...And less berbau la with the pouch..Lembut some more hehe..Do u still have the pouch in stock? What other colour is available? Thinking of getting another one.." -Farrah Basri

Thank You So Much everyone . Good pouch helps Bonding Process!

With love,
Mysugargliderstore, Malaysia