Monday, July 4, 2011

Lola just woke up, on our way to buy some fruits and vegies for dinner!

This morning I got 4 messages from Suggie Lover :

"Hello, I received my parcel. Thanks a lot! My Gimo and Gaby really happy with their bonding pouch. This imported pouch is much more special than my old pouch, two thumbs up for Mysugargliderstore :) "- Darwin

"Yes, I want another 2 pcs of Bonding Pouch please. Reserve me Army Green and Candy Purple. Add Jungle Playland Set L size" - Felix

"Hey this is me your regular customer hehe, I'd like to buy 1 more bonding pouch. I need to have more than 1 for this coming Hari Raya. My baby now addicted to your good product " -Iwan

"Hello bonding pouch got stock? Saw my cousin wearing your bonding pouch, my sg jealous cus the bonding pouch is damn nice! Manda here from Klang" -Amanda

Here another message :

I've received the bonding pouch last tuesday...I'm satisfied with the pouch as well as the free gift...Love the blankie...And I'd say that my two darlings also have the same feeling...And less berbau la with the pouch..Lembut some more hehe..Do u still have the pouch in stock? What other colour is available? Thinking of getting another one.." -Farrah Basri

Thank You So Much everyone . Good pouch helps Bonding Process!

With love,
Mysugargliderstore, Malaysia