Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cage Set

But limited stock, hurry grab one for your little baby

Pinkpoka Cage Set

Leopard Cage Set

Purplepoka Cage Set

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


3 months ago Kogi and Minny came for boarding
4.5ft bungalow filled with lotsa toys, they loved it :) place

look mummy, i found yelo star

i found another house. blue for Kogi, pink house for me

even the fat me can fit well in the wheel. i'm running, look!

 the star doesnt taste like hpw, no its not!

Kogi found his favorite toy

errr Minny wants more supplement haha

okay, you are going home. bye2 minny

Now they are here again
Since they love to play, we placed magnum wheel (rm300) instead of wodent wheel
Few minutes later Minny (she is super active girl) come out to play
Oh no! She has a bump! She has joey in pouch!
We have to remove the magnum wheel
Sorry Minny, maybe next time :(

 can i play the big wheel?please..

cute hungry look by Kogi, waiting for lunch

can i play outside? i behave, promise!!

No minny, look at your pouch
You're a mom now syg :)

* To all sg lover, please inform us earlier for boarding service because we have to prepare for their playhouse :)