Sunday, June 30, 2013

interactive toys

climbing sheep

climbing aero

spinning star

Promotion is going on, we are processing your order right now ;)
Thanks for your support
Happy Sunday to all of you and dont forget to clean your cage accessories, toys, wheel, sleeping and bonding pouch
Meanwhile, sorry in advance if you have to wait for our reply through whatsapp, email and sms
To pack each parcel securely is time-consuming, hope you understand the level of busy-ness here on beautiful Sunday sumore hehe

Lilac Purple and Creamy Yelo Skinyring

PinkPoka Luxury Pouch and Jungle Trouble

 Lilac Purple Skinyring and Chicky Luxury Pouch

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bonding Pouch stock update

Since last week, many sg lover asking about their favorite design of bonding pouch.
Unfortunately, many of them ran out of stock.
We don't want to disappoint you :(
Let me list out those design that already sold out here

The code that are not listed, most of them left 1 last piece for some design especially from Limited Edition category.
You can place your order by whatsapp, sms, or email.
Please do not make any payment before we confirm that the pouch is available for purchase (especially our regular customer).
Lastly, thanks a lot for all nice and good feedback we received from our lovely sg lover member.
It has been 5 years, and we will ensure that we do our best to share safe and quality sg product with everyone.
Thanks for your support, seriously we are more happy to share this hobby with all of you :)

Code 5 : Pink Bear SOLD OUT
Code 8 : Baby Bear SOLD OUT
Code 9 : Leopard SOLD OUT
Code 12 : Mint Green Poka SOLD OUT
Code 14 : Butterfly Garden SOLD OUT
Code 15 : Blue SMS SOLD OUT
Code 18 : Goodnight Bear SOLD OUT

Limited Edition
Code 21 : Beige Owl SOLD OUT
Code 24 : Fancy Owl SOLD OUT
Code 25 : Owl SOLD OUT
Code 28 : Ziggy SOLD OUT
Code 32 : Fancy Buuterfly SOLD OUT
Code 35 : Lovebirds SOLD OUT
Code 36 : Cats SOLD OUT
Code 39 : Paisley SOLD OUT
Code 41 : Damask SOLD OUT

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To our regular customer, please do not make any payment before placing your order
Place your order and wait for our reply to confirm on the available toys and cage set, after we send you the total amount only you can make payment :)

For new customer, and also new friends in this hobby, dont hesitate to ask for guidance.
We are here to assist you
Please dont forget to introduce lil bit of yourself and your sugar glider (name and age), also your cage size

Here are couple of pictures we manage to snap while packing tons parcel to be posted tomorow
The first thing comes to my mind each time I wrap the red yellow Jungle Trouble is Gong Xi Fa Cai!! hehe

Jungle Trouble and LE Bonding Pouch

Skinyring and Jungle Trouble

Tuesday, June 11, 2013