Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello everyone!
Trying our best to reply all email and order as soon as possible.
Very sorry for the inconvenience :(

Don't make any payment before you place your order
Send your order to
We have to check our stock first, inform you which colour and design.
Once confirmed, you can proceed with payment
Lotsa products running out of stock :(

Look! How cute ;)

Peekaboo time!

mysugargliderstore, Malaysia

New Arrival

Stock arrived yesterday
This one huge,not suitable for small cage
Luxury enough for 3ft cage, vision cage, 4ft cage, 4.5ft cage and above
Two design available : flowertoy and startoy

Very colourful and bright, to stimulate your glider's mind
Normally I will rotate toys for my glider weekly, but not for this one
I'm not allowed to take this toy out of the cage cus they love it!!
Not boring at all ey? -.-

flowertoy in 4.5 ft cage

startoy in 4.5 ft cage

Btw only 1 more Pomkin and 2 Trampoline available
This two not restockable :(

Saturday, November 5, 2011

2 months 5 days old


Little Lilo - Part 2

I've been told that this picture was sent by Dr. Jenny to Ieqa
Looks like little hero will go home in few days ;)



He's home now!
Lilo is healing very well

Lysa told me that Lilo is doin good, chubby than before
All the swollen gone, but Lilo has no gusi now
He cannot eat fruits yet, he drinks milk given by Dr Jenny for a week
He's indeed a miracle, thank you everyone for your prayers for Lilo


We have helped her with rm80.00
(Michael Philip Fernandis from Cyberjaya donated rm10.00)
Thank you for being so kind to help :)
Thank you to Lysa n Copa for sending me the pictures