Friday, July 6, 2012

New arrival

New colours for sleeping pouch, colony sleeping pouch, findmehut and trampoline :)

code : pink bear

code : blue bear

code : pink butterfly

code : blue butterfly

Hi everyone!

First of all, apologize for being too busy till no updates on new stock here
Tons of emails to reply and sorry if you have to wait for a day or more :(
To those who want to place an order, briefly inform us your sg name, age, and cage size so that easier for us to assist you on the products.
Fyi, something is wrong with my phone but it doesnt mean that you cannot place order via sms. Yes you can, sometimes my phone auto switch off, but I always check your sms. I will send my phone for repair and next week everything should be back to normal :)
Here is the answer for frequently asked question by international customer, we accept payment via western union

Thanks for your support and remember to shower your sg with lots of love! :)