Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Lilo

Lysa who is one of our customer recently told me that her sister sg has an infection
Her sister Ieqa sent Lilo (male) probably around 2 to 3 months old to vet
Luckily Copa was in contact with her and she recommended Dr. Jenny

Lilo has a very serious infection and thats why he has a lump
Such infections can get out of control if he is not given antibiotics
Dr. Jenny told her that Lilo is in a critical condition, there is a 50-50 chance for healing
Lilo needs proper vet care and Dr. Jenny has to look after him at home

Please pray for Lilo's recovery and another miracle to happen
Since Ieqa will be sitting for SPM exam this year, lets raise some funds to help her on Lilo's medical bill
You can donate Rm10, Rm5, Rm20, Rm1 it's all up to you :)
Email me for details

Lilo before sick

Yellowish on his mouth

Swollen after few days

At clinic, looking so sick :(

Help us to raise fund for this little baby, will you? :)

New Arrival : Pomkin


Finally we manage to get this special foraging toy from supplier :)
This is an interactive toy created to stimulate your sugar glider
Interesting colours to create a happy mood
Play peekAboo with you glider
Can be used to hide treats and let them explore!

* This toy is big, we only use Poslaju for this item :)

Booking List :)

Booking list for Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch (readystock)
I'm so sorry, I hope you can wait for the next batch to arrive
Do email us if you want to order

Lolipop Edition Binding Pouch Doremon Blue :
- Faridah Mohd Nor
- Nur Illiyyin Athirah Bt Md Samsudin
- Chong LY
- Edmund
- Hafiz Bahrum
- Edy Razqin Bin Hasan
- Leo TK
- Available
- Available
- Available

Lolipop Edition Binding Pouch Lilac Purple :
- Yuhannis
- Faridah Mohd Nor
- Hafiz Bahrum
- Diyanah Muaz
- Kwan GL
- Liyana Irdina
- Nabila Irdina
- Roxanne
- Available

Lolipop Edition Binding Pouch Apple Green :
- Faridah Mohd Nor
- Nur Illiyyin Athirah Bt Md Samsudin
- Roxanne
- Adam Hj Hamzah
- Kitty
- Andrew
- Nik Ikmal
- Azreena Sulaiman
- Sherene Teh
- Nurzaliana Hashim
- Michael
- Zack F
- Wong SY
- Koh CP

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch Choki Brown :
- Nurzaliana Hashim
- Edy Razqin Bin Hasan
- Yeo PH
- Angela
- Arina Bte Saadon
- Lim TK
- Wan Nur Farhani
- Remy Sidek|
- Felicia
- Available
- Available
- Available
- Available

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Like other small animals, sugar gliders spend a large portion of their waking hours grooming themselves. If you are keeping more than one, they may groom each other. If you must bathe your sugar glider, clean him gently with a damp, warm washcloth, and dry him completely with a second towel. Do not use shampoo.

You will have to clip your sugar glider’s nails every two weeks or so. Be sure that you have styptic power on hand to stop the bleeding in case you cut the nail too close. If you are uncertain how to cut your pet’s nails, ask someone to show you how. The person must know how to cut sugar glider nails :)

Lets enjoy few pictures of the grooming session

First step : Sit up 2 times :D

Second step : Scratch my back

Third step : Toenails must be clean too

Paparazi ey?!

Fourth step : Okay2 continue, my sexy butt

Fifth step : Toenails...again!

I think I should have television inside here

New Arrival

New Arrival
Trampoline is back!!
New design

Suggie safe material
Very comfy (got cushion inside)
Comes with colourful chains


Code : Red CrazyFlower Trampoline


Code : Blue Babybear Trampoline


Code : Pink Poka Trampoline


Code : Blue Florale Trampoline


Code : Purple Butterfly Trampoline

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch

New Arrival

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Apple Green

Friday, October 14, 2011

Look who conquer the pillow?

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch

New colour!

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Lilac Purple

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch

New colour!

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Choki Brown (cream zipper)

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch

Hello, first of all i'm really sorry
There's lots of new stuff but I don't have chance to upload it here :(
I was busy, received tons of emails and I promise will reply all of them.
Give me some time okay?

New arrival

Lollipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Doremon Blue
Comes with colourful zipper
You can choose which colour combination you like
Happy now? :)

Lollipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Doremon Blue (pink zipper)

Lollipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Doremon Blue (red zipper)
Okay this one really Superman colour. Likee!