Monday, July 11, 2011

Restocked : Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch

New stock arrived.
Take note that this is one of selling fast product
No reservation as its unfair to other Suggie Lover

Colour avail : Candy Purple, Red Melon, Army Green

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Army Green

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Candy Purple

Lolipop Edition Bonding Pouch in Red Melon

Why this is one of fast selling product?
Why this one always ran out of stock?
What so special about this product?

Imported bonding pouch
Quality material compared to normal pouch
Not use the common sleeping pouch and bonding pouch fabric because it is hard to wash that fabric properly. The texture of fabric, being napped or weaved, often gets a worn look after numerous washings no matter how much care is taken in the laundering process.

Measurement : approximately 10 inch width x 9.5 inch height 
(bigger than standard size, standard size = 6 inch) 

This material is the best pouch for your sugar glider because :
1. last longer
2. thicker quality material
3. reduce bad smell when sugar glider pee pee in it
4. larger than standard size
5. adjustable strap
6. special net which strong enough (some glider likes to bite) and with bigger hole so that you can clearly see what your suggies doin inside
7. extremely cheaper and worth your money for a good quality bonding pouch
8. very comfortable for ur little suggie to snuggle (especially when u bring them along for a vacation, going back hometown, any event etc)