Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1. What's the best way to bond with my new glider?
Earn its trust.  There is no black and white answer to the correct way to bond because each glider has a unique personality.  It is critical that you observe your glider and how it reacts to what you're doing.  If it runs away or appears upset, STOP.  Forcing yourself (or other gliders) onto the animal will only cause stress and teach it NOT to trust you.  You want to show your glider that your are safe.  Bonding takes time and not every glider bonds to the same extent as others.  Realizing that sugar gliders are unique individuals with likes and dislikes and respecting those preferences will lead to a much better relationship for you both.

2. Can my Sugar Glider play with my cat or dog?
Sugar gliders are prey animals and will be stressed by the presence of predators.  Your dog and cat, while considered domesticated, still retain the instinct to hunt.  Many gliders have been killed by "friendly" dogs and cats.

3. Can I keep my Sugar Gliders in the cage all the time?
Sugar gliders require out of cage playtime for both mental and physical well being.  An hour per day is recommended.  Out of cage time should be done in a glider-proofed room and under supervision.