Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opppsss I hope its not too late to wish all our muslim friends a very spiritual and blissful Ramadhan!
Roughly 10 days more for Hari Raya, I've been so busy to ensure your sugar gliders are well prepared for that special day. By receiving tons of order via email, I'm happy to know that you guys really treat your sugar glider as a family member. Busy preparing your own baju raya, yet you still concern about your little one!

Some of the favourite purchase during this festive season are cage set (of course!), lolipop edition bonding pouch, sg blankie, and whatnot

Last but not least, the famous luxury pouch!
Those who have bought luxury pouch, mostly they come again to change all their normal sleeping pouch
to this awesome luxury pouch
Good to keep your sg warm, less smelly, and of course good quality
Only the best for your precious glider :)