Monday, August 23, 2010


Each and every suggie has their own individual personality.
They will respond in their own ways when it comes to bonding.

Bonding with your glider is based on the purest form of trust.
Don't do anything to break the trust or your suggie may never trust you.

You can't trick a suggie as they are quite smart and will test you from time to time.

Remember, NEVER yell at or smack your glider.

NEVER tap it for biting as this is an exotic creature that tasts things and the thing we consider a "bite" from them is actually them tasting what's near their face.

If your glider is a constant taster, what you can do is you can have apple sauce, some honey or flavored yogurt near and have it on your finger tip and your glider will learn to taste the yummy treat that you offer and will learn to look forward to seeing you everyday.

But keep the apple sauce, honey or yogurt handy for any glider that you are starting to bond with .

Believe me, bonding with sugar glider is a very rewarding experience.

Good luck!