Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seriously Big Bonding Pouch

 Seriously Big Bonding Pouch compared to Acer Laptop

Not use the common sleeping pouch and bonding pouch fabric because 
It is hard to wash that fabric properly. The texture of fabric, being napped or weaved, often gets a worn look after numerous washings no matter how much care is taken in the laundering process.

1. long lasting
2. thicker quality material
3. reduce bad smell when sugar glider pee pee in it.
4. jumbo size
5. adjustable strap
6. harder net (some glider likes to bite)
7. very comfortable for ur little suggie to snuggle (especially when u bring them along for a vacation, goiing back hometown, any event etc)

Measurement : 11 inch width x 12.5 inch height 

comments from :
1. Dennis who owns 2 adult sugar gliders & 3 joeys :
"Molly, Mike, Miley, Mico and Mexi loves their bonding pouchh. Really really big! Love the material
I'm so excited they can join my vacation smile.gif"

2. NurhidayahLod who owns 4 sugar gliders :
"I got ur parcel already. The bonding pouch is huge! Love it! Thank you so much!"

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