Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Arrival

We restocked the set for 4 times

Here is the new design of Assorted Playland Set
The special is, it comes with a complete cage set :)
This cage set is M size, hence its big for small cage
Perfect for 3 ft cage and vision cage
Some customer even use em for their 4 ft cage!

Very high quality and very comfy material
(supplier will only use sg safe material, no cotton, no furry but not friendly to glider nails material)

Well made
Specially designed for sugar glider
Double layer of course for safety
No loose stitching or thread to avoid Sugar Glider injuries!
Very safe and secure

Comes with 12 clips (free)
Keep your suggies warm
Comes with luxury interactive toy to stimulate glider
And the new luxury hammock!
Hang it any way you like
Change the position weekly to avoid boredom

* Hot Selling Product
To be fair to all SG Lover, first come first serve and no reservation

Code : Ladybird Cage Set

The new luxury hammock in PinkPoka
can fit up to 4 glider
Inner part made of cozy fleece, good to keep sg warm